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Digital Systems Seminar

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Eigenvalues of Graphs


Professor Sebastian Cioaba
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Delaware


Graph theory is the study of networks. In many situations, the only way we can study key combinatorial parameters of graphs such as edge-distribution, connectivity or expansion, is by using their eigenvalues. In this talk, I will describe some connections between the structure of graphs and their eigenvalues. The talk should be accessible to undergraduate students.


Sebastian Cioaba obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Queen's University at Kingston, Canada in 2005. Between 2006 and 2008, Sebastian was an NSERC PostDoctoral Fellow at University of California, San Diego and University of Toronto, Canada. Sebastian also had visiting positions at Tilburg University, The Netherlands and POSTECH University, South Korea. Since January 2009, Sebastian Cioaba has been a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

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