ELEG 662 Spring 2011

Digital Systems Seminar

ELEG 622


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Bioinformatics and Systems Biology:
Systems Integration of Omics Data for Target Discovery


Professor Cathy H. Wu
Edward G. Jefferson Chair of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Director, Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (CBCB)
Director, Protein Information Resource (PIR)
Departments of Computer & Information Sciences and Biological Sciences
University of Delaware


Systems integration is becoming the driving force for the 21st century biology. Researchers are systematically tackling gene functions and complex regulatory processes by studying organisms at different levels of organization, from genomes and transcriptomes to proteomes and interactomes. To fully realize the value of such high-throughput data requires advanced bioinformatics for integration, mining, comparative analysis, and functional interpretation. We are developing a bioinformatics research infrastructure that links data mining with text mining and network analysis in systems biology context for biological network discovery. The integrative approach will reveal hidden interrelationships among the various components of the biological systems, allowing researchers to ask complex biological questions and gain better understanding of biological and disease processes, thereby facilitating target discovery.



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