CPEG 421/621 Spring 2012

Compiler Design


Course Abstract

This course introduces the concepts, principles and methods of modern compiler design in the emerging microprocessor chip technology trend toward multi-/many-core architectures. On one hand, this course introduces various compiler topics in the context of system software, and explores its relation with OS as well as runtime systems. On the other hand, this course exploses the close interaction between compiler technology, architecture design, and hardware synthesis, and illustrates various software and hardware tradeoffs.
Topics to be discussed include the fundamentals of program analysis, optimization and code generation. The course covers foundation topics of parallel computation and execution models and architecture models, such as dataflow execution and architecture model, and others - those with profound impacts in compilation methodology for parallel machines. The course also covers practical topics of compiler design, introduced and studied through real life case studies.

Course Structure

Course work will carry the following weights towards your final grade:
Quiz: 40%
Course Participation(class attendance, assignment, presentation,etc): 30%
Project: 30%

Time and Location

Tues 5:45PM ~ 8:15PM Evans 204
First meeting: Feb 7, Tues


Dr. Stéphane Zuckerman
201G, Evans Hall
(302) 831-6534
E-mail: szuckerm(a)eecis.udel.edu
Prof. Guang R.Gao
201F, Evans Hall
(302) 831-8218
E-mail: ggao(a)capsl.udel.edu


Aaron Myles Landwehr
322, Dupont Hall
(302) 831-1257
E-mail: aron+ta(a)udel.edu

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