CPEG 867 Fall 2011

Advanced Topics in High-End Computer Systems

CPEG 867


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Course Abstract

This seminar is held every semester by the Electrical/Computer Engineering Department at University of Delaware. Professor Guang R. Gao is overseeing the Fall 2011 class.
Semiconductor technologies and physical constraints have already forced microprocessor vendors to go from single-core to multi-core technology. The same fundamental limitations of the underlying hardware now forces them to go beyond multi-core and enter the many-core era, which implies a renewal of the parallel computing field.
This 800 graduate research seminar course will be focused on the challenges and opportunities in parallel computing systems. The course will be focused on the design and implementation of future high-end computer systems -- from multiple peta-scale up to exa-scale computers. The main challenges are centered on the definition and specification of parallel program execution models that are sound, scalable and programmable for the intended applications.
The course will cover a few well selected advanced subject areas as well as their practical impact on algorithms, architectures and software design. These may include (but not restricted to) the following: concurrency models, dataflow & multithreading, execution models, performance evaluation of execution models, and dynamic runtime & optimization techniques.
The class will be organized into reading and discussion groups and the studies will be guided by key lectures, reading assignment, group presentations and discussion, and in-depth exploitation of topics for course reports.

Time and Location

Wed 05:45 PM - 08:15 PM Evans 204
First meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 7th.


Prof. Guang R.Gao
201F, Evans Hall
(302) 831-8218
E-mail: ggao(at)capsl.udel.edu

Coordinator / Instructor

Stéphane Zuckerman
121, Evans Hall / 201G, Evans Hall
(302) 831-0327
E-mail: szuckerm(at)eecis.udel.edu
Chen Chen
121, Evans Hall
(302) 831-0327
E-mail: chenchen82(at)gmail.com

Lead assistants

Aaron Landwehr
322, DuPont Hall
(302) 831-1257
E-mail: aron(at)udel.edu
Robert Pavel
334, DuPont Hall
(302) 831-3276
E-mail: rspavel(at)udel.edu

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