ELEG 652 Fall 2014

Principles of Parallel Computer Architectures

ELEG 652


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Course Abstract

This course examines the basic principles and methodologies used in the design and evaluation of parallel computer architectures. Fundamental concepts and principles of parallel processing will be stressed, as well as their relation with the underlying program execution and architecture models. Topics will include basic parallel terminology, pipelining and vector processing, instruction level parallelism (ILP) and thread level parallelism (TLP) architectures, multiprocessor architectures and high-speed interconnection networks, memory consistency models and cache-coherence issues, fine-grain parallelism and multithreaded architectures, plus the role of optimizing and parallelizing compilers.

Time and Location

Tue 05:45 PM - 08:15 PM Evans 210


Prof. Guang R.Gao
201F Evans Hall
(302) 831-8218
E-mail: ggao(at)capsl.udel.edu

Course Coordinators

Stephane Zuckerman
E-mail: szuckerm(at)udel.edu

Haitao Wei
E-mail: hwei(at)capsl.udel.edu

Teacher's Assistant

Jaime Arteaga
121 Evans Hall
E-mail: jaime(at)udel.edu
Office Hours: By appointment

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