Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a FAQ about CAPSL research group. If you cannot find an answer to your question or you think the answer you've found is not clear enough, please notify the webmaster. Thank you.



What does CAPSL mean?

CAPSL is an acronym for Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems Laboratory.




Where is CAPSL?

The CAPSL Conference Room is located in Evans Hall, room 201H. However all regular mail should be sent to the address below:

Professor Guang R. Gao
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
140 Evans Hall
University of Delaware
Newark, DE  19716




What is the CAPSL Phone Number?

(302) 831-4062

Some other important Numbers Include:

CAPSL Fax Line: (302) 831-2178
Office of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: (302) 831-2405




Who is in CAPSL?

A current list of CAPSL members is included on the website at the link below:
CAPSL group members




Are there any visiting professors or scientists at CAPSL?

Our research team lead by Prof. Gao is making continuous efforts in bringing fresh and new ideas into the group. Very often we have well known visiting lecturers and scientists here at CAPSL. For a current list of visitors or to see the group members, please click here.




How do I reach UDel or CAPSL

Please click here for directions.



Where are local lodging places (hotels, motels, etc.) for visitors and guests?

There are several area hotels and motels offering a variety of services. The price range varies, but overall, staying in Newark DE is a lot more affordable than in most of the other University Centers.





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