ELEG 652 Fall 2012

Principles of Parallel Computer Architectures

ELEG 652


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Tentative Course Schedule

Date Topic Handouts and Assignments
August 28th Introduction and Program Execution Models
September 4th Vector Processing Homework 1: Due September 18th
      C File used in Homework 1
September 11th Vector Processing and Parallel Programming
September 14th
1430 to 1600
MPI Tutorial
Evans 204
September 18th Instruction Level Parallelism and Superscalar Architecture Homework 2: Due October 2nd
      C Files used in Homework 2
September 19th HW1 Due
September 21st
1430 to 1600
Parallel Programming Tutorial: pThreads and OpenMP
DuPont 110
Additional Cilk Slides
September 25th Instruction Level Parallelism and Superscalar Architecture
October 2nd Shared Memory Architectures HW2 Due
Homework 3: Due October 16th
      C Files used in Homework 3
October 9th Cache
October 16th Networks HW3 Due
October 23rd First Quiz and GPUs Homework 4: Due November 6
Project Part A: Due November 13th
October 30th State of Emergency
November 6th No Class HW4 Due
Homework 5: Due November 27th
November 13th No Class Project Part A Due
Project Part B: Due December 4th
      Quick Guide to IBM Cyclops64
November 20th Manycore and Multicore Architecture Era
November 27th Dataflow and Program Execution Models: Part 1 and Part 2 HW5 Due
December 4th Dataflow and Program Execution Models
and Final Project and Final Exam
Project Part B Due

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