ELEG 652 Fall 2012

Principles of Parallel Computer Architectures

ELEG 652


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Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions

Homeworks will be graded for correctness and, where applicable, performance. The grade for all performance based problems will be based upon your performance relative to that of you classmates and our reference implementation. All homeworks should be worked on individually.

Your submission should be in the form of a single zip file. The written answers to all problems, as well as all graphs, should be in a single PDF file in the root of the archive. All code should be in sub-directories of the archive, organized according to the question. Include a makefile with all coding assignments and do not include temporary files in the archive.

For homeworks, the name of the zip file should be forename_surname_HWn.zip where "n" is replaced with the number of the assignment.
For projects, only one partner needs to submit, and the earliest submission will be graded. The name of the zip file should be groupLetter_Project_PartX.zip where groupletter corresponds to the letter of your group on the roster and "X" corresponds to which checkpoint of the project this is.

The student is responsible for ensuring that all submissions are gradeable. This includes, but is not limited to, typing all written assignments in a clear and readable font as well as thoroughly documenting all submitted code. The grader must be able to read a submission to grade it.

Submissions are handled via the course's Sakai webpage. The Sakai webpage will only be updated with assignment information. In the event of a discrepancy between the information on Sakai and the information on this website, assume that this website is correct.

All submissions are final, and all assignments must be submitted prior to 5 PM Delaware Time on the specified date. If an assignment is submitted late, the policy (unless otherwise stated) is as follows

  • Up to 7 Hours Late: -30%
  • Up to 2 Days late: -50%
  • Up to 5 days late: -75%
  • Over 5 days late: -100%

All late penalties are rounded up. Thus, 1 minute late is the same as 6 hours late, and so forth.

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